The basic points that everyone should know about javascript for beginners are included in the training. Javascript is at a very important point for web development because you can do dynamic work. Therefore, learn javascript can be very useful for you. Learn JS or work with freelancers. the choice is yours.

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a dynamic programming language that is widely used on websites. What is the best way to learn Javascript?

Javascript is mostly used with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Apart from this, it is also used in the game-making program called Unity3D. The Javascript audience is a very active community. That’s why you can find a lot of people who will solve it quickly if you have any problems. If you are experiencing software problems, you can ask questions on Stack Over Flow. There are also many Javascript libraries available because of the active community. You can strengthen your software with these libraries. You can visit Github to find a javascript library.

Online education content order:

  1. The owner of the training has read the best Javascript book “Javascript in 24 hours” (Javascript the definitive guide).
  2. He explains the Javascript by drawing it on the whitepaper.
  3. How to write Javascript code for beginners?
  4. Using Javascript variables.
  5. How to print text in Javascript?
  6. How to do Javascript math operation?
  7. What are the meanings of Javascript signs?
  8. Using Javascript “substring”.
  9. How to use Javascript “array” operations?
  10. How to use Javascript functions?
  11. Using Javascript “if else”.
  12. Using Javascript “alert” function.
  13. Using Javascript “for” loop.
  14. Javascript tutorial for beginners.

The files of the website used in the free online training are also available. By clicking the link on the side, you can access the files of the sample web design used in the free online training. In this way, you can learn better by looking at the codes in the file.

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