There is a template in the product development roadmap. A pattern. In this template, building a product roadmap is of great importance to the roadmap. The general logic of this template can also be applied to normal enterprises, but the main focus here is product development roadmap or product roadmap software.

This free online tutorial explains step by step how to make a PHP developer roadmap. Even those steps are given below. For example, you have zero knowledge to develop PHP and you don’t know what to do. That’s what they tell you from the start of this tutorial. In point 4, he talks about learning PHP basics. Seeing this, what you need to do is learn PHP basics. He then talks about OOP. At that time you will learn OOP. If you complete all these steps, you can develop products in PHP.

Online education content order:

  1. Introductory speech of education.
  2. Why you should learn PHP?
  3. Necessary information to get started.
  4. Learn PHP Basics
  5. Learn OOP
  6. Build an MVC Framework
  7. Time to apply for internships
  8. Learn what is API
  9. Learn Existing Framework(Laravel, Yii, Symfony)
  10. Apply for jobs as a PHP backend developer
  11. Learn JavaScript
  12. Build Projects
  13. Apply for jobs as a PHP full stack developer
  14. Advanced concepts (Terminal & SSH, Docker, Design Patterns)
  15. Conclusion

The files of the website used in the free online training are also available. By clicking the link on the side, you can access the files of the sample web design used in the free online training. In this way, you can learn better by looking at the codes in the file.

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