In the Figma web design training, an exemplary web design was created, inspired by Spotify. You can do a lot of things with Figma. You can make prototypes or logos.

Figma web design training uses real images instead of illustrations. A music website template is designed for Figma to HTML. It is used in grid systems in Figma web design. In addition, animation Figma was not hesitant to use. It’s pretty easy to do with this landing page template Figma.

Different pages are also created in Figma web design training. Discover page and contact page are being made. A contact form is also created on the contact page. It should not be forgotten that you can convert Figma design to HTML code. The web design created in Figma web design training looks pretty cool, although it dominates the gray tones.

Name, e-mail, and message are added in the created contact form. Color matching is available in the design. It also mentions Figma shortcuts and Figma keyboard shortcuts features.

With this information, you can create web designs with Figma and use them in your projects or work. With this easy-to-use program, you can click on the link below to access the files and codes used in the Figma web design training video. You can also take advantage of open source advantages.

Figma landing page template free

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