In the training named “how to build an online course website“, I will tell you how to set up an online course website from start to finish. The website you are currently reading this article on is an online education website. You can become a member here and add your own educations. According to my concept, you have to add the educations on YouTube.

How to Create an Online Course Step by Step

If you follow the steps below in order, you can make “money-making online learning sites”. I set up this training site in 1 week and I will tell you why I did what I did. If you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Online Course Website Plan

Write down everything on your mind. Write down all the features of your website. Focus only on what you can do. If you can’t, don’t. 🙂 Don’t force it to happen. Don’t add unnecessary features. If the profile picture isn’t a required attribute, don’t add it! The important thing here is to build with the basic features of the create e learning website.

Online Course Website Basics

  • To be able to add video or text.

Yes, that’s it. 🙂 There are 2 important questions here.

  1. Members can upload training.
  2. Educational upload of the website owner.

2. Which Technologies Should I Use?

It is divided into two as fast and slow development. Slow development coding from start to finish. Rapid development is to do with WordPress. I did it with WordPress.

3. How to Create an Online Course on WordPress?

The first thing you need to do is find a theme. Finding WordPress themes for free online courses websites. After finding the theme, everything is solved. I tried the free website education themes first. They were not the designs I was looking for. What I was looking for was something like best online courses websites. I started designing my own WordPress theme. I coded most of them, but I had difficulties in a few places. Then I used a theme called EduKul from the internet, but it was too complicated and the customize was not working.

Before EduKul, I was making a theme and adding plugins to it. After EduKul, I thought of developing a plugin for a ready-made theme. Design plugin. I cut the header and footer of the first theme I developed and added it to the header and footer of the theme. Since it was already a ready-made WordPress theme, it suddenly turned into an education theme. We find the answer to the question of how to create an online course website with WordPress.

4. WordPress Plugins

WP User Frontend

It is a WordPress plugin that allows members to share. You can design the share page. You can add categories and exclude some categories. For example, I am writing this article in the blog category, but members cannot share it in the blog category. The downside of this plugin is the lack of a registration form. It appears to be there but not working. So I needed one more plugin.

User Registration

This plugin allows you to edit login and registration pages. Thanks to this plugin, I have fixed the problems of the previous plugin.

WPS Hide Login

The purpose of this plugin is to hide the WordPress login page. The reason I use this plugin is both for security and I did not want members to access this panel. If they did, they could access the features I restricted. For example, members share in the “blog” category. Idont want this. This could hurt me. That’s why I used such a plugin.

Yoast SEO

The main reason I use this plugin is for SEO. If you are setting up an online education site on your own, the most important thing for you is marketing. If no one uses your site, it means nothing. Since your website is based on sharing, you become needy of SEO. First I write the educations myself and then I do SEO editing with Yoast SEO. In addition, it is difficult to expect members to do SEO. When members post, I do SEO work for that post in the background.

Patreon WordPress

The reason I use this plugin is related to the revenue model of OnlineEducation.Me. I have OnlineEducation PRO package. Those who buy this package allow me to add pages in WordPress that those who buy the package can see. Click on the PRO package for a better understanding. Those who don’t receive the package cannot see those texts. In my income model, I share the analysis of the site. When you buy the package, you can access some data on OnlineEducation.Me. By looking at this data, you will be able to produce educations and publish them on OnlineEducation.Me. In this way, you will be able to reach more students. In this way, educators will be able to earn more money.

Apart from these, you can also turn the courses into a platform where you can sell them by using the WooCommerce plugin. This is where the planning phase that I explained to you in item 1 comes into play. If you want to sell courses, you should use WooCommerce. On the other hand, OnlineEducation.Me has the concept of a free education site, so I don’t need to use WooCommerce. I am using Patreon.

5. What Should I Do Now?

All steps are completed. Now you can enter content on your website and do marketing work. This article may be located courses on how to build a website.

OnlineEducation.Me is my initiative and I will share tutorials here. I share the developments about this initiative and the strategies I have implemented on my Twitter account. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! If you liked this article, please don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts. See you in the new blog post. Thanks.

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How to Become a Teacher?

You can become an educator by being a member from the top. You can embed the tutorials from your YouTube channel and add them to the website. In this way, it gets views on your YouTube channel.


In Which Language Can I Add Training?

You can add videos in the language you want. Just have English subtitles.

What is
Online Education PRO?

It is a special package where we share website analysis for educators who want to reach more students with Online Education Pro.

Online Education PRO
  • Which pages get the most clicks?
  • Which words and phrases were searched on Google?
  • Access the language, country, city, browser, operating system, age, gender data of the website for your training.
  • $4/month