Learn HTML and CSS is shown in this video tutorial called HTML and CSS design and build websites. Responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3 and Bootstrap is explained in the tutorial. Basics of web design HTML5 & CSS are explained in the training.

Nowadays, most sites are written responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3. Because the mobile phone has become the leading role in your life. Therefore, the responsiveness on the web has become quite normal. 

HTML & CSS design and build websites the codes used are as follows:

Bootstrap buttons, Bootstrap navbar, Bootstrap grid system, and other Bootstrap elements. With the Bootstrap grid system, your website will have a responsive feature.

Online education content order:

  1. The introduction to the training is made with the head first HTML and CSS.
  2. The installation of technologies to be used on the website is explained.
  3. How to make Bootstrap navbar and navbar menu?
  4. How to make a Bootstrap carousel image slider?
  5. How to make a Bootstrap jumbotron collection?
  6. Making selection heading
  7. Column design
  8. How to Make a Parallax background?
  9. Adding social media icons with Font Awesome
  10. Footer design making
  11. Using reset CSS
  12. Change the design of navbar, carousel image slider, jumbotron, welcome section, etc.

The files of the website used in the free online training are also available. By clicking the link on the side, you can access the files of the sample web design used in the free online training. In this way, you can learn better by looking at the codes in the file.

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